Focus on Bathroom Safety

The bathroom can be a treacherous place, with so many hard surfaces and sharp corners. The National Aging in Place Council recommends certain modifications for making the three key elements in your home bathroom more senior friendly.

Shower – Get rid of the old tub and construct a shower stall with no barrier, which eliminates the need to step up and over and provides easy access. Install height adjustable, fixed and handheld shower headsshower and tub grab bars and pull-down seat.

Sink – Lower the bathroom sink and make sure there’s proper knee clearance for comfortable maneuvering.

Toilet – Install an elevated toilet seat that will make getting up and down more safe and comfortable.

If a full bathroom renovation is out of the question, you can still modify the existing space for safety and security using devices easily purchased at any medical or surgical supply store.

  1. Put a backless bench in the tub or shower – Your parent’s physical condition will determine what kind of bench you need. Seek the advice of a medical equipment professional to be…

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