A Letter from the Editor

As the Editor in Chief of Aging I.Q. News, we focus on education and providing insight on financial choices. This idea guides everything we do. We offer financial choices for a range of unexpected circumstances, from illness to estate planning. Something that we hear from our clients time and time again is that they had no idea the options we are offering even existed. In looking for ways to change that, we found that this lack of awareness was prevalent throughout so many important areas of aging and the circumstances that aging people might encounter. We are hoping to help change that with Aging I.Q. News.

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Fun Classes for Senior Citizens to Take

Learning throughout your life can positively impact your health and even give you a more youthful mindset.

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What is a Contingent Beneficiary?

A contingent beneficiary receives a beneficiary-named account if the primary beneficiary can’t or won’t do so. They’re “second” beneficiaries who more or less wait in the wings, just in case.

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What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Do you seem to develop a case of the “winter blues” that won’t go away until spring arrives each year? If so, it might be seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and more than just a post-holiday slump.

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Breast Cancer and What You Need to Know

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and while a lot of attention is given to the importance of early detection and women getting mammograms beginning at age 40, there is less emphasis on older adults.

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How Often Should You Have a Wellness Checkup If You Are a Healthy Senior?

How often should you see a doctor if you are a healthy older adult? It’s a question often asked, especially by those who suffer from “white coat syndrome.”

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Protect Your Parents from Common Digital Traps

Older Americans continue to make enticing targets for scammers. According to a report from the FBI, seniors lost almost $1 billion to elderly scams in 2020.

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What Are The Best Pets for Seniors?

America has long been known as a pet-loving nation. According to a National Pet Owners Survey, 70% of U.S. households own a pet.

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8 Frightfully Fun Halloween Treats & Activities for Seniors and Their Families

Older Americans continue to make enticing targets for scammers. According to a report from the FBI, seniors lost almost $1 billion to elderly scams in 2020.

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How Thinking and Feeling Young Prolong Life

Aging does not have to be an unpleasant process. In fact, according to a recent publication in the world-renowned medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine, feeling younger (and, by definition, possessing a zest for life) can actually extend life.

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A Guide to Retirement Planning for Seniors

Planning for retirement can be exhilarating and a bit terrifying. As you prepare to live on a fixed income, putting a detailed retirement plan in place is essential.

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World Mental Health Day – October 10, 2021

World Mental Health Day is on October 10th and as our understanding of mental health grows, we grow along with it. Mental health has come a long way since the early nineties when the World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH) officially established the day.

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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month honors the culture, heritage, and contributions of Hispanic Americans each year.

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How to Prepare your finance

How to Prepare Your Finances Now That Things Are Opening Up

It’s been more than a year since the pandemic started, and the US economy is showing signs of recovery. Covid-19 vaccinations are rising, states have lifted some pandemic restrictions and many travelers are back on the road.

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self care

Daily Acts of Self-Care Can Ease Caregiving Stress

Most caregivers I know have a complicated relationship with self-care. We keep a polite smile on when someone (usually not actively caregiving) tells us, “Make sure you take care of yourself, too!” Sure. Of course. Easier said than done.

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The Visitors’ Guide to Nursing Homes

No matter what form the visit takes, you’ll want to make the most of the time with your loved one. “It is very lonely for seniors in nursing homes today…

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10 Things That Make You Look and Feel Older Than You Are

Is age really just a number? Sometimes it feels like it and sometimes it seems uncompromisingly set in stone. Everyone would like to look and feel younger, but how do we do this?

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Mental Health

6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Mental Health When You Live with a Chronic Condition

Six community members share their advice for navigating the mental health impact of living with a chronic condition

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Credit Card skimmers

Essential Security Tips to Keep Your Information Safe from Credit Card Skimmers

Credit card fraud is becoming more sophisticated, with scammers using devices called “skimmers” that steal and store your information after you swipe or insert your card.

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Beat the Heat: Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

This summer, many of us are looking forward to enjoying the warm weather, traveling, and reconnecting with friends and family. But it’s important to keep ourselves and loved ones safe in rising temperatures while on vacation, visiting the pool, or enjoying cookouts.

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Dating While Living with Family

Are you living with your adult kids? Or have they moved back in with you?
If so, you’re not alone.

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Summer Cold NPR

5 Ways to Stop Summer Colds From Making The Rounds In Your Family

Perhaps the only respite pandemic closures brought to my family — which includes two kids under age 6 — was freedom from the constant misery of dripping noses, sneezes, and coughs.

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June is World Elder Abuse Awareness Month

Elder abuse isn’t a topic anyone enjoys discussing, but it’s important to talk about it. Experts estimate that 10% of older adults are victims of elder abuse, yet only a small percentage of cases are ever reported. Elder abuse includes:

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Pasta Salad

Top Chef on How to make Pasta Salad a Summer hit.

No one likes that starchy, clumpy mess that even the wasps avoid at summer parties and barbecues. But our favourite chefs have some fresh tips on how to put pasta salad back on your menu

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How To Supplement Your Retirement Fund

While planning for retirement, you may be running into the issue of wondering how to afford the retirement lifestyle of your dreams.

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