A Letter from the editor

As the Editor in Chief of Aging I.Q. News, we focus on education and choices. This idea guides everything we do. We offer financial choices for a range of unexpected circumstances, from illness to estate planning. Something that we hear time and time again from our clients is that they had no idea that the options we are offering even existed. In looking for ways to change that, we found that this lack of awareness was prevalent throughout so many important areas of aging and the circumstances that aging people might encounter. We are hoping to help change that with Aging I.Q. News.

(credit Rodrigo Iniguez Becerril) Bernard King in Casket

A Halloween Prank to Remember

When friends thought they were attending Bernard King's wake, they were actually in for a frightening surprise.

(credit Sindre Strøm) driver safety

Featured Content: 10 Tips for Senior Driving Safety

Older Americans are more active and independent than ever before, and driving can help maintain a sense of freedom and a better quality of life, but seniors are more vulnerable to road-related incidents, and should take additional precautions before getting behind the wheel.

(credit Mohamed Hassan) Kidneys

Kidney Health for Seniors

As simple as it may sound, the most important skill for a caregiver is to have good communication. As the family caregiver, you are the connector for all your loved one’s physicians, service providers as well as family members and friends who care.

credit cottonbro election day history

The History of Election Day

Americans first began the custom of weekday voting in 1845. But why a Tuesday in November? The answer stems from the agrarian makeup of 19th-century America.