50+ Your Personal Finance Checklist

As you review your financial situation, there are a few things you should attend to: From social security to asset allocation techniques, this list will set you up for financial success from age 50 to beyond.

When to Stop Filing Taxes: Social Security

Now that you are on social security, the way you should file taxes has changed. Find out how to determine your gross income and learn about tax credits for senior citizens in this short article from The Street.

Financial Management During a Pandemic

In a segment from USA Today, Jay Jackson and Dennis Martin answer questions about financial security during an unstable economic climate and what people can do to protect themselves.

An Ultimate Guide to Finances: Over 50

Are you over 50? Do you care about your finances? Well then, this guide is for you! Check out the ultimate guide to becoming fiscally fit for individuals over 50.

Life Settlements Becoming a Mainstream Financial Option

Americans are living longer than ever before. This is great news for those who can afford it, but bad news if you’re a baby boomer facing mounting debt and dwindling savings.

Senior Scam Alert

There are many scams designed to target senior citizens. Stay protected with updates from the United States Department of Justice.

Adult Children 101: Finances with Aging Parents

When your parents age, being able to help with their finances is a top priority. This means being involved, knowing where important documents are and knowing the resources that are available to help.

A New Scam Targets Seniors

Toms River Police warn seniors of a new scam that has emerged where people try to convince an elderly person that their grandchild is in trouble and needs money. See how to protect yourself!

Covid 19’s Possible Effects on the Life-Settlement Market

There are differing schools of thought on how the coronavirus is affecting — and could affect — the life settlement market. Shane McGonnell breaks down the possible effects of Covid-19 on the market and how it could affect selling one of your biggest assets, your life insurance policy.

New Legislation Helps Seniors Save for Health Care

This new legislation is helping seniors save for health care! How? By allowing tax-free health planning accounts to be funded by the sale of an unneeded life insurance policy.

Do I Need a Living Trust?

So, what exactly are trusts, anyway, and who should use them for estate planning?

How to Help Parents with Money Management

As your parents age, you may notice a decline in their ability to handle their finances. This natural side effect of aging is common among adults as they venture further into their 60s and 70s.

How to Prepare for Retirement as a Low Income Senior

Some individuals, for any number of reasons, reach retirement age without enough of a nest egg and now find themselves low on money. If you or a loved one does not have enough money to meet basic needs, you need to know about programs that can help.

Achieving Better Finances

Financial matters affect the lives of all Americans. But, as a senior, finances may play an especially large role in your well-being. After all, at this stage of life, priorities often change.

Criminals Steal $37B from Seniors Each Year

Marjorie Jones trusted the man who called her to tell her she’d won a sweepstakes prize, saying she could collect the winnings once she paid the taxes and fees. After she wired the first payment, he and other callers kept adding conditions to convince her to send more money.

Elderly Are Twice as Likely to Work

Just as single-income families began to vanish in the last century, many of America’s elderly are now forgoing retirement for the same reason: They don’t have enough money.

The Best Advice My Dad Gave Me

Sometimes you don’t realize the value of advice given until much later. This was exactly the case with my dad. He was a corporate trainer who loved his job but had difficulty leaving ‘work mode’ even at home. The best advice he ever gave me was…

A New Era of Health Care Fraud

Derek Lewis was working as an electronic health records specialist for the nation’s largest hospital chain when he heard about software defects that might even “kill a patient.”

59 Discounts Exclusively for Seniors

To celebrate age and experience, here are 50 senior discounts for those of you who are 50 to 65+ years old (I mean, 50 isn’t even old!).

The Northeast Proves to be Strenuous for Seniors

The study, conducted by researches from the University of Massachusetts – Boston’s Center for Social and Demographic Research on Aging, suggest Vermont, New York and Massachusetts have the largest percentages of seniors at least 65 years of age who don’t have enough income to cover their basic needs.

Senior Financial Abuse Most Common Within Family

The study revealed that family members, more so than any money-making scam, are more likely to take advantage of seniors’’ finances.

The Essence of Estate Planning

Having a good estate plan requires the self-realization that we will not live forever. So given this fact, ask yourself “What will happen to all of my stuff, and who is going to take care of my overall well-being if I am not able?”

Stop Money Scammers in Their Tracks

It’s not always easy to avoid scams. Criminals are tricky, aggressive, and they’ll say whatever they have to that will convince someone to hand over their hard-earned money. If one of these scoundrels rips you off, what will you do about it?

Making Your Retirement Savings Last

Do you expect to spend the same amount each and every year in retirement? Of course not.

Why Do Fiduciary Advisors Matter?

To choose a financial advisor that can set you up for financial success, you’ll want to choose one who truly understands what it means to be a fiduciary – and you’ll need to understand the term yourself.

Medicaid Haves and Have Nots

Missouri resident Patricia Powers had no health insurance when she was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago; she and her disabled husband were struggling to get by on, at most, $1,500 a month. If they’d lived across the river in Illinois, she’d have been eligible for Medicaid.

Tips for Downsizing Your Home as a Senior


For many seniors, once the children have grown and moved out, the family home can start to feel too big and difficult to maintain.

“What’s in your retirement account? “The likely answer is “not enough”

Retiring is a major goal of most Americans and as the retirement age rises to 66 and older, seniors are looking for more ways to reach their retirement dreams.

When to Take Over Finances for an Aging Loved One

At the point when friends and family reach their golden years, their physical well being isn’t the main thing in danger of breaking down. If their psychological well-being diminishes, they may experience difficulty dealing with their cash on an everyday basis, and could even wind up helpless against fraudulent activity.