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7 Reasons Why Birds Make Great Companions for the Right Home

When you have limited space, limited mobility, or limited funds, and if you find yourself alone much of the time, a pet bird or a pair of them just might be a good fit for you. Birds can be great companions for senior citizens, only children, or petless households, and they can provide companionship and enjoyment for many years.

1) Very IntelligentBlue BudgerigarMuhammad Owais Khan / Getty ImagesMany birds navigate thousands of miles twice a year to migrate, so they are terrific problem solvers. According to the National Audubon Society, birds have problem-solving capabilities and cognitive skills that indicate a high degree of intelligence. They can use tools and even count from left to right.Besides being among the most popular pets, chickadees, parrots, and cockatoos all have finely-honed problem solving and mimicking skills. And while crows may not be suitable birds to be kept as pets, their reasoning skills have been likened to those of a 7-year-old human.

2) Suited for Stay-at-Home Householdscaged birdsIrakli Changashvili / EyeEm / Getty ImagesBirds are creatures that flock, meaning that they are used to having companions at all times. A single bird will want a friend as much as humans do. Many will sing to you, sometimes talk to you, and play with you, especially if you spend time together with a bird out of its cage.Compared to the four-legged pets that typically roam free and unattended within their owners’ homes, birds are relatively easy to care for. They can be placed inside their cages for safety when owners are at work or busy. Many people prefer the convenience of cleaning a birdcage once daily to scooping a litter box or having to go for mandatory walks outside every few hours with a dog.

3) Require Minimal Groomingbird and mirrorIrakli Changashvili / EyeEm / Getty ImagesBirds are naturally hygienic animals and preen their feathers daily to keep them shiny and clean. Rather than having to deal with shampoos, flea baths, and expensive haircuts, bird owners can usually…

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