Have you ever heard of water aerobics? Maybe you have heard of water aerobics but just aren’t sure what it is good for. We’ve all seen those groups of people flailing around in the water, and maybe you think that water aerobics are only good for frail old people, but that really is not the case. Water aerobics is fantastic for people of all fitness levels and age groups and it can go a very long way in getting you to a healthy fitness level and keeping you there.

There are 10 specific benefits of water aerobics that you definitely need to know about, none of which are less important than any of the others. If you have never considered of engaging in some regular water aerobics, you might just change your mind after you give this a quick read through.

What Is Water Aerobics?

Water aerobics can also be known as aquafit or aquatic fitness and it simply involves doing aerobic activity in the water. Water Aerobic is generally done in fairly shallow water, usually no deeper than your hips, but sometimes the water can be up to your chest or even your neck, depending on how hard you plan on going. Things like knee lifts, running in the water, jumping jacks, and lunges are all great examples of water aerobics exercises.

Benefit #1: Helping To Increase Flexibility

One really big benefit that you can get from water aerobics is that it can go a long way in increasing your general flexibility. As we will talk about later on, the water adds a lot of resistance to any movement that you make. The water actually pushes and pulls your joints and body parts around in directions they aren’t used to moving, which slowly over time will actually get them used to those movements.

Moreover, this also forces you to push back in order to adjust to the pushing and pulling motions of the water. This constant pulling, pushing, and overall movement causes your joints to become flexible. The water also keeps your joints in constant motion, thus keeping you mobile and preventing you from getting rusty, so to speak. Being moved in directions you aren’t used to going in increases flexibility; it is almost like a light form of stretching or even yoga.

Benefit #2: It’s A Social Activity For Everybody

A big benefit that you can get from doing some water aerobics is that it is a very social activity. After all, you have to go to a pool to do water aerobics, and the chances are almost 100 percent that you aren’t going to…

This article was sourced from FitandMe.com.

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