A challenge to mental health

Beyond the physical threat, Covid-19 has also deeply hurt our ineffable inner selves. Shocking suicide by persons across all sections of society, particularly senior citizens, speaks about wider mental health challenges in the pandemic times. As the pandemic fuels anxiety and loneliness, we do not even know its end. We do not know whether we will be safe or when we will be reunited with loved ones in distant lands or regain ascendant career paths. We all must take care of our near and dear ones, especially our elders during this crisis by ensuring the required companionship so that they don’t feel depressed because of loneliness.

Sanjay Chopra, Mohali

Help old couples living in vicinity

Covid-19 has adversely affected mental health of all sections of society. Senior citizens are more prone to mental ailments due to their age. However, since lockdown restrictions have been eased elders can go to parks and join their peer groups while maintaining social distance and taking other precautions. People living in elders’ vicinity can help the latter as most aged couples live alone in the tricity.

Dr AP Singh, Chandigarh

A myth created by bureaucrats

A myth has been created by bureaucrats in the Health Ministry while issuing Covid-19 safety guidelines that senior citizens above 65 years are more prone to infection if they venture out of their homes. This assumption is negated by the average age of the Covid fatalities at the national level. Scoffing at this assumption all political leaders, businessmen, governors, and judges keep themselves pre-occupied with normal routine while stepping out of their homes. Elders, who are not tech savvy and cannot use social media to interact with their friends, are more prone to depression. A suicide by an old man at Sukhna Lake last week is the case to point. The authorities must spare a thought for the mental well being of senior citizens and reconsider the existing guidelines.

SC Luthra, Chandigarh

Keep them busy with routine chores

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, stress levels have increased manifold among senior citizens. They should be kept busy in their routine life. More interaction with senior citizens is the need of the hour. Senior citizens can do yoga, read books and newspaper, listen to music, sing, dance and go for morning and evening walks to enjoy the flora and fauna. They must learn new things to reduce the stress level, which…

This article was sourced from Tribune India.

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