ASHLAND, Ore.– An Ashland non-profit has been providing therapeutic music to the elderly and people with special needs for nearly 15 years.

With the emergence of the COVID crisis, they’ve been unable to play music for those who need it.

“It’s more than just playing the music. We form relationships with people and that’s what we’re looking to do,” said Donny Roze, executive director of Heart and Hope Music.

For years, Heart and Hope Music has been performing for some of those who need it most. Through interaction and song, the group plays music as therapy for the elderly and those with special needs.

“And it’s been shown that even in the depths of Alzheimer’s, very deep Alzheimers, music is still a part of your brain,” said Roze.

Roze says it’s amazing to see the reactions they receive from the music. However, since COVID struck, they’ve been unable to perform.

“Driving along the road at 60 miles per hour and then we hit 0. The stop sign came up and we’re not allowed to go to adult foster care homes, assisted living, memory care.”

Now the organization is starting to try something new. While they’re not allowed to play in…

This article was sourced from FOX 26.

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