This 82-year-old English man was barely able to walk because of crippling osteoarthritis in his right ankle.

Now, he is one of the first patients in the UK to receive an artificial ankle made from the materials of bulletproof vests – and he says that he did it so he could walk arm-in-arm with his wife once more.

Neil Shuttleworth says he has “gotten his life back” thanks to the high-tech surgery which uses plastics in the vests to create a hard-wearing implant.

Problems began for Shuttleworth when he tore ligaments in his left ankle after accidentally stepping into an unseen pothole while on holiday in Cyprus several years ago. The pain steadily worsened until it became unbearable due to bone-on-bone contact.

Shuttleworth took regular doses of painkillers until he got a consultation at Spire Leeds Hospital and was diagnosed with severe primary osteoarthritis in…

This article was sourced from the Good News Network.

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