Sally’s Story

Sally looked forward to Thanksgiving dinner at her daughter’s house every year. She loved the smell of the turkey and all the fixings. She couldn’t wait to dig in. But, this year it didn’t smell like Thanksgiving and, when Sally ate the holiday food, she felt let down. It wasn’t as tasty as she remembered. No one else seemed to notice. Sally wondered what might be wrong—could her senses be the problem?

Did you know that your sense of smell and taste are connected? As you get older, these senses can change, and, like Sally, you may find that certain foods aren’t as flavorful as they used to be. Changes in smell or taste can also be a sign of a larger problem.

Your Sense of Smell

Smell is an important sense. Certain smells, like your dad’s cologne, can help you recall a memory. Other smells, like smoke from a fire, can…

This article was sourced from the National Institute on Aging.

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