Steve was sitting in his wheelchair on 72nd street near Broadway. I explained my blog to him and asked if he would permit me to photograph him and ask some questions. He said yes, looking at the time on his phone. He said I had nine minutes, and I said I can do that. 

Steve is 65 years old and is a retired Social Studies teacher and then some. He taught at both the high school and college levels. He has also been a writer and a photographer. He showed me his photographs of Jerry GarciaWarren Zevon, and several other rock and roll musicians. He currently provides medical cannabis consultations. Or as it is stated on his business card “CBD/Holistic Alternative Medication Treatments.” Steve has been married and divorced three times. He currently lives alone in Manhattan. He has a daughter with whom he had a falling out, and they no longer speak. “

I am okay with that. It is what it is.”

Steve was born in New York City and has always lived here. He has lived in all five boroughs but likes Manhattan the best. He feels this is the best city in the world. He has everything that he could want. He goes to concerts, movies, and plays. He said, “I can go to the Met and the Mets.” He had season tickets to…

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