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Claudine Aherne | December 11, 2022

Are you looking for novel or interesting gifts for your friends and family? Are any of them keen walkers? Would you like to buy them practical gifts that they will enjoy using?

Keep reading – we’re here to help with some great gift ideas for those regular (or occasional) walkers in your life.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you buy useful gifts for your friends and family. We think you’ll want to put a few of these items on your list too!

Walking Poles

Not to be confused with walking sticks, poles are a great piece of exercise equipment. They look like ski poles and are suitable for improving fitness and adding extra support for people who are struggling with their balance.

Walking poles can help turn a regular walk into a workout, as you tend to walk faster and use more of your upper body.

For people who get tired when they walk, poles can help them to walk faster and for longer. This can help people to keep up with speedier walking companions or groups.

If you sometimes feel unsteady on your feet when you walk, poles can help you to feel more confident – especially when walking on uneven surfaces or up and down hills.

Base Layer

This piece of clothing that you wear next to your skin – usually a top, but you can get leggings too – helps regulate your temperature.

The material helps to wick sweat away from your body, which means you keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

Anyone who spends time outdoors, e.g., walking or gardening, will benefit from a base layer.

Base layers can be made of merino wool, silk or other materials. Cotton is not recommended as a base layer as it retains moisture for a long time.

Base layers make lovely gifts for the walkers in your life.

Cushioned Socks

I love receiving socks, but I know some people think they’re a bit dull. Stick with me though – we’re not talking novelty avocado socks here…

Cushioned socks protect and support your feet. They keep your feet more comfortable and reduce the risk of rubbing and pain.

Cushioned socks can also help to wick away moisture and absorb shock on high-impact activities or uneven terrain.

If your friends or family are regular walkers, cushioned socks could be an excellent gift for them.

Foot Rollers or Massage Balls

Staying with the feet, foot rollers and massagers are great gifts for regular walkers (and keen exercisers).

Foot rollers are small tubes, often with a textured or spiky exterior. The balls are pretty hard and sometimes have bumps or spikes on them.

What do you do with them, though? You just roll your feet back and forth and round and round, applying pressure all over the foot.

The rolling and pressure improve circulation and stimulate blood flow in the foot. This relaxes and loosens tight muscles and ligaments in the foot. It can reduce discomfort and your risk of foot pain, injuries and complaints, e.g., plantar fasciitis.

Reducing tightness in the foot’s soft tissues can also help with ankle stability, promoting better balance and safer walking.

It feels great, too – try one out yourself if you can!

Relax and Recover

Everyone needs some relaxation, especially if they are very active. Rest and recovery are crucial elements of all good exercise routines. They lend themselves to lots of fabulous gifts too.

I suggest massage vouchers, bath salts, aromatherapy diffusers or pillow sprays (to promote deep and restful sleep).

People often struggle to buy these thoughtful gifts for themselves, so they will be appreciated even more.

Vouchers or Class Passes

Perhaps your friend has all the clothes and gear they might need but would like help or support.  Could you get them vouchers or passes to a gym or class studio near their home? If they prefer to exercise at home, how about buying them an online membership?

There are many options online, but make sure you choose one with specialist instructors available to answer questions and provide support and guidance.

The Vida Wellness Studio is an online exercise studio for people who want to improve their balance, feel stronger and move more easily. Members enjoy a library of clear, easy-to-follow exercise videos, professional advice, support, and encouragement from fellow members.

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