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Darlene Corbett | June 27, 2022

Are you 60? How about 70? Maybe you have crossed 80? What about 90? If you’re past 60, there are certain truths that you have definitely encountered.

The Ugly Truths

Let us begin backwards, with the ugly.

#1: Time

The first one has to do with time. Time marches on regardless of your age, especially if you wish for human immortality.

#2: Longevity

You want to live until one hundred? Fine, but what’s that mean? Are you prepared with enough funds? Do your mind and body work effectively? If you answer yes to these questions, you’re blessed. As you examine your long gifted life, have you followed the wisdom from the Gospel of Luke, “to those whom much is given, much is expected”?

That quote pertains not only to financial wealth, but to giving and serving others. There are no laws for helping, but as you take your last breath, will you close your eyes in peace knowing you went the extra mile?

#3: Compassion

The other ugly is that many, on their quest to healthy longevity, tend to ignore those less fortunate. Some openly prefer the company of the young and healthy, absconding acquaintance with older adults or those frail or disabled individuals. Do they forget the golden rule? Many have blessings and abundance throughout their lives, but fortune is fickle and can turn on a dime.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard stories about people, avoiding the aging, the disabled, and ailing. Are they worried it’s contagious? By evading these individuals, some believe they’ll be immune to such afflictions. Think again. It’s challenging to face this unfair side of humanity, but accepting it can’t be denied if it happens to you.

The Bad Truths

How about the bad?

#4: Disappointment

Disappointment in life becomes more obvious as we age. It’s one of the purported variables contributing to the suicide increase for women in the 40, 50, and early 60 range as revealed by past research.

Every human being has suffered from failures and defeats no matter how much they’ve pursued success in a specific area.

We’ve choices to either languish in the abyss’s morass because of these setbacks, leading us to greater despair or… The choice is yours. Rise on those wobbly legs, brush yourself off, and move. Perhaps you must change course, but don’t stop.

#5: Persistence

The great Napoleon Hill wrote about successful people in his remarkable book, Think and Grow Rich. Before you say the message doesn’t pertain to you, continue reading because it does.

He discusses older individuals overcoming obstacles to success, and many forms of success exist.

One is financial, and the best example is Colonel Harland David Sanders, whose spirit of tenacity and resilience shone throughout his life.

With firings and failed entrepreneurial projects, the KFC founder’s success eluded him until his early 60s.

#6: Unhealthy Habits

How about overcoming unhealthy habits to improve your health before they end up shortening your life?

What about abandoning negative behavior and living a richer, fulfilling life?

Were your earlier years riddled with maltreatment of others or lawlessness? Do you attribute your past behavior to the horrible events endured by you? Wayward actions can halt anytime in life, and the beauty of being alive is to redeem oneself and change direction. Success can prevail, altering the bad toward good.

The Good, Good, and More Good

Now to the good. If you read this, you have sight, and if someone vocalizes the information to you, it means your hearing remains intact. Last, understanding the content, equates to a sound mind.

In the past, I wrote about a 95-year-old woman, who lived in a nursing home and became depressed. Her son brought her to a Toastmaster’s Meeting, and she lit up, attending until she died. At that late chapter in her life, she opened herself to the possibilities rather than surrender to the crippling effects of depression. She made good.

Life’s journey can render darkness, but a flicker of light changes everything. That is good! Wouldn’t you say?


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