Sponsored Post by Abacus Life | March 10, 2022

In The Balance‘s 2022 report, Abacus Life was named the “Best Overall” Life Settlement Company!

The report noted Abacus Life’s average settlement time of 35-42 days, no brokerage fees, and that Abacus is a direct policy buyer. “We chose Abacus Life Settlements because of the lightning-fast quote process and speedy sales process. You’ll likely see your funds within 14 to 21 days,” The Balance reported. The Balance named Abacus Life’s fast quotes, 14 to 21-day offers, and the retained death benefit offering as its top pros.

Abacus Life Settlements is our best overall life settlement company because of its straightforward and easy process combined with great customer reviews. If you need a quick estimate, on your policy’s value they can get you one in 24 hours. Additionally, they’ll get you a formal offer in 14-21 days of receiving your application. This is quite speedy for the industry. The company’s easy-to-use process and speed makes for great offering.”

Abacus Life has been a direct buyer of life insurance for over 17 years, leading the industry with the highest offers paid out to clients. The usual payouts range from 4 to 6 times the insured’s policy surrender value, with all future premiums covered by Abacus Life. We employ over 55 employees who are all dedicated to ensuring clients are well-educated about each step of the process. We embody a client-focused mentality and make it a top priority to cater to the needs of insureds with professional, white-glove service. Abacus Life is a proud member of the LISA and strictly adheres to HIPAA and privacy laws to maintain and protect the confidentiality of financial, health, and medical information. Now licensed in 49 states, the company is able to purchase life insurance policies from seniors ages 70 and older that own policies of $100,000 or more in death benefit, or those who have a decline in health from the time the policy was issued. These requirements are considered general guidelines, so it is best to check with one of our Abacus representatives and to utilize our Life Settlement Calculator for an instant quote.

To learn more about the life settlement opportunity, feel free to reach out to our team at 800-561-4148 to get started. We are proud to be named the best overall life settlement company, and work each day to help seniors see financial freedom.

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