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Unlike younger people, air travel takes a really serious toll on seniors’ bodies, especially if they have health mobility issues. You have to consider the strain of those long terminal walks, disruptions to mealtimes, sitting for so long within a closed space, and the crowd around can affect them physically. So, you really have to be prepared for this physical strain. 

All of these can also affect you in some ways; you will have to consider how far you can accompany them in the airport if they can go on the plane with their wheelchairs, what would happen in case of an emergency while in flight, etc. It’s a lot of considerations to make, and it all boils down to your preparations for the travel.

When you are planning to fly with a senior, it’s different from when you are flying for your vacation with your lover. There are some things that you have to put into place to ensure the success of the travel. Here are some tips from assignment help UK that you should follow when flying with seniors with health mobility issues. 

Plan ahead

You need to carry out necessary research about the airport, the flight you are taking, and get all the help you need. You should at least contact the airline to find out the particular needs you have to meet for the trip and how they can help. Ideally, they should disclose flight information to travelers with physical or mental disabilities beforehand. This information will be beneficial for you if the senior is wheelchair-bound. You need to be able to get assistance to help with movement around the airport. For instance, if you will be needing wheelchair services or other forms of transportation. 

If you are booking your flight through a travel agent, you must inform them about these needs in advance. Here are some of the information that you need to find out before the flight. 

  • The type of lavatory and its accessibility for the handicapped.
  • Limitations of storage facilities for mobility aids.
  • Seats that are unavailable for passengers with disabilities. 
  • Potential limitations capable of limiting some individual’s ability to travel.

Get air travel assistance. 

You will need to get air travel assistance for your seniors if they are traveling on their own. The airlines are also required to assist with boarding and deplaning. When necessary, the airlines should help their passengers make the connections they need. They also have to provide them with the assistance they need while on the plane, although this doesn’t mean they will offer extensive personal services. You might have to travel with them if they need extensive personal services. 

You also have the option of hiring a concierge service for your parents to see them through the airport. This would come at an additional cost to you, but they will be on-guard to pick them at the curb and make navigating the airport easier for them. 

There’s also the possibility to accompany your seniors to the gate, even if you won’t fly with them. Get your escort pass from the ticket counter, and the security will let you pass with them. However, you will need to show a valid ID to do this. If it’s your first time traveling through that airport, you could look through a map, so you get an idea of the layout. This will help you find food options, restrooms, and other things or services that your elderly might need to be comfortable. You will be better prepared this way. 

Prepare for medical issues.

According to recent dissertation services, one thing that complicates even a simple travel process is heath issues. This is irrespective of age, young or old. However, it’s more severe in seniors. This is why you must prepare for medical problems. It increases the passenger’s chance of having a safe flight. Find out first if the medical issues of your parents will make flying unsafe for them. Also, find out if some precautions and tips are necessary during the flight. It’s also a good idea to get documents describing the prevalent medical condition or a medical certificate if there’s a medical crisis while on air. Make sure that the document is in the company of your elder during their travel. Provide everything that your elder will be needing while at the airport or while flying, from medications, mobility aids, etc. 

Travel aids for airplane

You can make the travel easier for your elderly one by providing some accessories for them. Some useful items are travel pillows and noise-reduction headphones. These items help to create a better environment for them to rest, especially during long flights. You should also get them nose-and-mouth masks, which they can wear during the flight to reduce the chances of contracting infectious airborne bacteria. Also, pack compression stockings can help in reducing the possibility of blood clots. 

Food is also an integral part of their luggage. You should get them a snack bar or some other food if there are unexpected delays at the airport. You should also check the meal schedule for the flight beforehand so you’ll be able to make preparations ahead. Again, this is very important for seniors that have to manage their chronic health issues and are on medication. It would be best if you also got bottled water through security to drink during the flight not to get dehydrated or suffer from jet lag. 

Lastly, you have to make sure that you plan for their medications in advance by speaking with the appropriate personnel. This will ensure that those drugs make it with them onto the plane and are not confiscated at the airport. You have to get a note from their doctor to confirm that they need the medication. If they need to take the medications in-flight, then prepare them for the medical schedule. This is important if they are crossing different time zones so that you are sure that they take the drugs at the appropriate time. 


Air travel for seniors with health mobility issues requires a lot of planning and preparations. It isn’t as straightforward as when you are going on a holiday. There are many things that you have to put into consideration to ensure that they have a safe trip. You must ensure that you carry along with their special medical needs, health insurance cards, and everything they need. It would be best if you also considered getting them travel insurance. 

Source: Senior News |

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