Seniors use their cellphone far beyond calling and texting — they can watch movies and TV shows, share and receive pictures from friends and family, and take advantage of virtual assistants like Siri. Some cell phones for seniors are higher-end smartphones, while others are simple flip phones with minimal features.

What are the best cell phones for seniors?

The best cell phone for seniors varies based on the functionality you desire. Some seniors will want the latest technology, like control over IoT environments and tracking for their keys. Others will want a basic flip phone with call and text functionality and not much else. We’ve selected the best cell phones for seniors in several categories.

What should seniors look for in a cell phone?

When you compare cell phones for seniors, it’s easy to get lost in the details. The choice will depend on their needs — will they want a more complex smartphone, a basic flip phone, or a middle-of-the-road phone with standard technology? The most easy-to-use cell phones for seniors are basic flip phones. For those with limited dexterity or bigger fingers, big button phones for seniors work well. The most important features in an easy phone for seniors include:

  • A clear, big, bright display
  • Good sound and speakers
  • Long battery life
  • An emergency help button
  • A durable build

Our favorite cell phone for seniors
Jitterbug Flip by GreatCall

CELL PHONE DETAILSCost: $99.99Dimensions: 4.3″ x 2.2″ x 0.7″Screen Size: 3.2” x 4”Battery life: 10 hours of talk, several days of standbyREAD REVIEWS

Jitterbug Flip review

The Jitterbug Flip’s simplicity and low price are its most appealing features, making it our top senior cell phone pick. GreatCall is the service provider for The Jitterbug Flip, which is covered by the Verizon network. With Jitterbug, you purchase a monthly plan cost based on the number of minutes and texts you plan to use.

Jitterbug Flip meets all our criteria for a great cell phone for seniors. It has good speakers — you can turn them way up for louder audio and have additional noise cancellation technology to help filter out distracting background sounds. The battery is excellent and can last for 10 hours on a continuous call. There’s 1 GB of storage that can hold 1000 photos, 200 contacts and 50 texts.

The Jitterbug Flip also has an emergency help button seniors can use if they are in trouble. The 5Star emergency service uses GPS to locate the user. The emergency button itself feels a bit different from the other buttons, so you can find it with just touch alone. This 5Star emergency service requires an additional monthly fee. Jitterbug also has a Voice Dial feature where you can call a contact by speaking their name into the phone.Jitterbug Flip benefitsWhat to consider about Jitterbug FlipWho Jitterbug Flip is best for

Our favorite smartphone for seniors
Jitterbug Smart2 by GreatCall

CELL PHONE DETAILSCost: $149.99Dimensions: 6” x 0.3” x 3”Screen Size: 5.5” diagonallyBattery life: 12 hours of talk, several weeks of standbyREAD REVIEWS

Jitterbug Smart2 review

Like the Jitterbug Flip, the Jitterbug Smart2 runs on service from GreatCall, part of the Verizon network. The display is bright, clear and easy to read, making it a great choice for seniors who have trouble with other modern phone screens. The interface focuses more on big words in clear fonts rather than ambiguous icons, so it’s easier to navigate than Android or iOS interfaces for most people. The phone has excellent battery life: 5 hours if you’re streaming video, 12 hours if you’re talking on the phone and 17 days if the phone is turned on but not being used. The phone runs a bit slowly, but this shouldn’t be a problem for people who aren’t techies. You can also use voice dictation on the Smart2.

The Smart2 comes with some optional additional features. For $34.99 a month, you can dial “0” and speak to a human operator who can talk you through how to use your phone. For $24.99 month, family members can have access to the GPS location of the Smart2 on their smartphones. Medical professionals can also be available immediately over the phone.Jitterbug Smart2 benefitsWhat to consider about Jitterbug Smart2Who Jitterbug Smart2 is best for

Our favorite cell phone for seniors with hearing aids
iPad Mini by Apple

CELL PHONE DETAILSCost: $399Dimensions: 8” x 5.3” x 0.24”Screen Size: 7.9” diagonalBattery life: 10 hours of useREAD REVIEWS

iPad Mini review

We chose the iPad Mini as the best cell phone for seniors with hearing aids because you can stream audio from the iPad Mini to compatible hearing aids. Even though the iPad Mini is a tablet, it can still work well as a cellphone, especially for seniors who don’t plan to take it with them on the go. A wide variety of apps are available on the iPad Mini – there’s no excuse to be bored while using it. You can also plug in headphones to listen to music if you wish. The display is bright, colorful and…

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