How Emotional Support Animals Can Help Seniors

If you’re a senior and you’re wondering how emotional support dogs can help you, then you’ve come to the right place! An emotional support dog presents many health benefits to their owners. Did you know that simply being with a dog can help you cope with isolation, loneliness, and depression! A dog can be a great source of friendship and companionship for people who’ve lost their spouse, or who are facing difficult times like financial struggles or who’ve been through a major life event. For these reasons, dogs are being utilized for support purposes for seniors. Emotional support dogs are used to promote happiness and health in seniors of any age range or health condition. Whether seniors are depressed, chronically ill or have ongoing disabilities, an emotional support dog is the best treatment around.

Emotional Support Animals for Seniors – Mental Health

Did you know that just spending fifteen minutes bonding with an animal can promote hormonal changes within the brain? Well, your stress levels drop mainly because your brain produces serotonin along with prolactin and oxytocin. All of these chemicals are the reason why you feel happier and calmer when you’re with an emotional support animal. This is why support dogs are good companions for seniors because they offer so many amazing mental health benefits!

Seniors suffer from depression usually as a result of loneliness or isolation, either because friends and family members cannot visit on a regular basis, or they aren’t as active as they previously were. Perhaps a loving spouse has passed away. Contact with supportive animals can bring some withdrawn seniors out of their shells, making them happier and more communicative. Studies show that seniors who are active and always around others, or who own a pet, decline in health far less rapidly than isolated or depressed seniors.

Dogs are also a source of mental stimulation. Whether reading about breeds and pet care or talking to others about dogs, elderly minds can benefit. Dogs can help relieve the stresses of people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Dementia patients experience bouts of agitation, and dogs can help calm them down. Interacting with a dog can stimulate the appetite of people who might otherwise not eat regularly as a result of these conditions.

Seniors Emotional Support Dog

Emotional Support Animals for Seniors – Physical Health

Recently, the American Heart Association did a study on this and they found that pets do lower your chances of getting heart disease! Simply by walking with a dog along the neighborhood sideway provides so much physical exercise, which leads to improved mobility and a healthier lifestyle overall. Petting a dog can help work out…

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