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Best county to retire in every state

Buyers and sellers of real estate alike—when asked what are the three most essential considerations about a property—will nearly always reply “location, location, location.” While this answer is sometimes tongue-in-cheek, it is often quite accurate as well, and this reply perhaps applies to retirees more than any other demographic. Settling down after a lifetime of working and raising a family calls for the perfect location: a spot where you can enjoy life with as few concerns as possible.

When seniors aged 65 years or older decide on where they want to live out their golden years, they consider very specific factors, such as the cost of living, government services, health care facilities, weather and overall climate, crime rate, outdoor recreational activities, eating establishments, cultural and entertainment opportunities, and more. Stacker has compiled a list of the most desirable county for retirees in each state, based on Niche’s list of best counties for retirees in America in 2020.

Location is critical as retirees determine where to spend their senior years enjoying favorite activities; however, it’s a very unique decision based on a multitude of preferences and needs. While some retirees choose to spend their golden years golfing on professionally designed courses in Brunswick County, North Carolina, other seniors aim to live a water-centric lifestyle of boating and fishing near Lake of the Ozarks in Camden County, Missouri.

Eleven of the 50 counties on the list boast populations under 10,000 residents, including Huerfano County in Colorado, which offers scenic views of the Spanish Peaks, paired with a low cost of living. For retirees looking for more hustle and bustle, two counties top a population mark of one million residents, including Nassau County, New York, less than an hour from New York City, which—unsurprisingly—comes with a much larger cost of living.

Whether it be mountains or cities, cold or warm weather, hiking trails or museums, retirees seeking to settle in a permanent spot are sure to find a private paradise in any of these counties recommended by Niche because, in the end, there is no place like home, no matter the location.

Read on to discover the best county in each state for retirees in 2020.

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Alabama: Lauderdale County

– Population: 92,585
– Median home value: $136,400 (68% own)
– Median rent: $658 (32% rent)
– Median household income: $46,265

Lauderdale County, particularly the area surrounding the capital city of Florence, located in the northwestern tip of the state, offers Southern-style retirement complete with a jazz and blues music scene. Retirees can indulge in notable annual cultural events year-round at the Alabama Renaissance Faire, Arts Alive, Singing River Music Fest, W.C. Handy Music Festival, and local historical museums, farms, and taverns. Add in the affordable classes and shows at the Tennessee Valley Arts Center, and Lauderdale County looks to be Alabama’s prime retirement venue for individuals interested in entertainment, while also boasting a cost of living that is 18.9% below the national average.

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Alaska: Matanuska-Susitna Borough

– Population: 103,464
– Median home value: $243,000 (77% own)
– Median rent: $1,112 (23% rent)
– Median household income: $75,905

Matanuska-Susitna Borough, nicknamed Mat-Su Valley, in south-central Alaska offers an excellent and eclectic retirement spot with libraries, walking trails, miles of scenic drives, and more. Retirees can enjoy recreational adventures year-round through dog sledding trips, wildlife viewing excursions, farm tours, and the Alaska State Fair. The local chamber of…

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