Written by Purpose Therapy Box Co-Founder Ali Izzo-Linton

My grandfather, Charles Mangino, was a truly inspiring, dedicated, and loving human, as well as a successful business owner and amazing family man. 

Charles started his business as a grocery store owner in a small section of New Castle, Pennsylvania called Mahoningtown. 

Mahoningtown is a place where neighbors feel like family members, your friends have your back no matter what and everyone feels a sense of pride when watching one of their own build an amazing business in the community. 

My grandpa Charles and grandma Shirley were the proud owners of S&C’s Grocery Store, all while raising 3 children. They were definitely busy, but both made it a priority to spend time with family. 

My grandpa loved everything about business. He once told me that as a child, he and his friend would play “business” and carry briefcases around with old receipts inside of them.  

He never really talked about his business to me growing up, but I would eagerly listen in while he was on the phone either talking to customers or my parents. I learned so much by eavesdropping in those conversations—everything from dedication, loyalty, and friendship, to managing struggles within businesses and our own personal lives

My grandma passed away when I was very young, so my grandpa spent a lot of time with us. I grew very close to him and enjoyed listening to his stories. Honestly, at times, I would tell my friends I was busy and could not hang out with…

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