Three Ways Senior Living Staff Can Productively Communicate with Families During COVID-19.

EditorialPeopleTechnology by Olivia Beaton June 24, 2020

Michael Eidsaune, the founder of Carely, an app centered around connecting families and loved ones in senior living communities, believes that beyond PPE materials being readily available, communication has been the biggest struggle facing senior living communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first strategy that has been extremely effective is regular community-wide updates. Family members are seeking reassurance during this time of uncertainty, especially when they cannot see their loved ones. Eidsaune stresses that regular weekly updates on what’s happening, what they’re focusing on, and what’s changing can help ease worry and create a strong line of communication between senior living facilities and families.

Secondly, Eidsaune also believes that dedicating staff members to communication roles will be extremely beneficial. By creating specific communication roles, senior living facilities will be able to ensure frequent updates and strengthen the connections between families, residents, and staff. This increase in focusing on communication has been extremely successful and allows for comfort knowing facilities have dedicated roles responsible for keeping loved ones updated about what is going on in the facility and with their beloved resident. Eidsaune has experienced the positive impact of having staff in specific communication roles and he urges other communities to consider making this crucial shift.

The third key to communication during COVID-19 and beyond is the adoption of and rush toward technology. Eidsaune witnessed many senior living communities that already had technology in place, as well as many that had to act quickly to implement means of technology for…

This article was sourced from Senior Living News.

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