Above: The Manor Village at Desert Ridge will feature suites that range from 700 square feet up to more than 1,000 square feet for the independent living residents. (Image by Steelblue)REAL ESTATE | 3 hours ago | STEVE BURKS

Much of the focus for modern product design is on how the next generation will embrace a product or concept. Terms like Millennial or Gen Z are thrown around when retailers talk about attracting new customers, and their needs and wants are often at the forefront of how something is designed.

The changing demands of the customer are also at the front of mind for developers of senior living communities. As Americans age, the needs and preferences of those moving into senior living facilities change. The challenge for the modern senior living designer and builder is to anticipate what the next generation will want.

“If you think about our original communities, they were 100 percent independent living,” said Nicolle Blais, chief operating officer for Statesman USA, part of The Statesman Group of Companies. “When we started to see a changing need in our existing resident and incoming resident, we said, lets make some adaptations within the building and let’s offer assisted living. And then, let’s offer memory care and then let’s get creative with some of the lifestyle offerings that we have.

“We’re very adaptable and we try to design the building to give us that flexibility for adaptability as we change our programs along the way.”

Blais leads the Statesman USA team that is currently building the company’s latest senior living community, The Manor Village at Desert Ridge, which is located in the highly sought after North Phoenix submarket, along Deer Valley Dr., west of 56th St.

The Statesman Group has been a developer and builder since 1976, starting in Canada and operating in Arizona for the past 25 years. The company specializes in single-family, multi-family, resort and senior living communities. The Manor Village brand is the company’s senior living component.

The Manor Village at Desert Ridge facility is expected to be completed by the end of 2020, with independent living residents moving in first. After getting all of its licenses secured, Blais said the facility hopes to begin welcoming assisted living and memory care residents by the summer of 2021.

Blais and the Statesman team is very excited to bring this new community to market and she feels that the company’s reputation might be its biggest…

This article was sourced from AZ Big Media.

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