This 71-year-old man has made an unusual nickname for himself out of his favorite weekend past time: giving away brooches to strangers.

Myron Boyer, also known as “The Bling Fairy”, has spent the last 6 years habitually giving away sparkly pins and antique brooches to unsuspecting passerby around Portland, Oregon.

He typically goes to the Hollywood Farmers Market with a dozen pins attached to his shirt so he can give them all away, but he has reportedly gifted the jewelry to people across the city as well.

According to a recent interview he did with The Oregonian, he says that he simply enjoys giving the pins to anyone who seems like they “need a little sparkle” – and while giving brooches to strangers may seem like an unusual gesture, Boyer’s sparkling personality generally convinces people that he’s not up to anything dubious.

“I talk to everybody,” Boyer told the Portland reporter. “I just can’t help myself.”

Boyer started his gift-giving routine after his friend Bob Lamberson passed away from complications with a leukemia treatment. Since Lamberson was a larger-than-life theater buff, he adored rhinestones and sparkle – so Boyer was sure to bring him plenty of costume jewelry while he was undergoing treatment.

After Lamberson died in 2012, Boyer gave the pins to the nurses who helped care for his friend – and he has continued to give them away ever since.

Though he gets some discounts from the antique store at which he buys much of the jewelry, he says that he has spent thousands…

This article was sourced from the Good News Network.

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