This 11-year-old girl may not be a magical genie, but she is winning hearts for her magical mission of granting wishes to nursing home patients.

Ruby Kate Chitsey first became inspired to help elderly residents after she spent last summer helping her mother Amanda with her work.

Amanda runs a business in which she assists dozens of patients at five different nursing facilities across Harrison, Arkansas. When Ruby Kate was visiting one of these nursing homes over the weekend, she noticed one of the residents gazing forlornly out the window.

The youngster was confused, however, when the only thing outside of the window was someone walking a dog out to a car.

“I asked Pearl, ‘What’s so important?’ She told me that it was her dog of 12 years, and she didn’t know the next time she would see it,” said Ruby Kate. “Pearl’s face was so sad. I thought that of all the things in this world Pearl could have, she would probably just ask for more visits with her dog.”

Pearl was unable to see her dog because she couldn’t afford to care for her on her own. Since half of US nursing homes are funded by the government, patients are…

This article was sourced from the Good News Network.

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