end-of-life conversations with seniors

End-of-life conversations empower a person to “die well”

Talking about end-of-life wishes is one of the most important conversations to have because it’s not actually about dying.

It’s about how your older adult wants to live during their last months, weeks, and days. 

And when others know their preferences, they’ll be able to die on their own terms.

But you’re not a mind reader. So if your older adult doesn’t already have a living will or advance directive, you can’t possibly carry out their end-of-life wishes unless you talk about it.

During a health emergency, trying to guess what they would want or arguing with family about it only makes an already traumatic situation more stressful.

So the best option is to start talking about it now.

We explain what end-of-life care planning is, why these discussions are so important, and share a helpful free guide from The Conversation Project that…

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