Almost 70 percent of homes in the U.S. have a pet, that’s equivalent to around 85 million households. As a nation of animal lovers, many of us understand the pleasure of owning a pet, especially baby boomers who represent 37 percent of pet owners in America. Pets keep us busy and active and can even boost our health. But what can you do to help support your senior loved one so they can keep their beloved pet at home with them for as long as possible?

Pets Are Good for Our Health

For anyone who has ever lived with a pet, you will understand just how much pleasure, love and companionship a pet can bring to your life. But a furry companion can also protect you and your loved ones from heart disease and actually help them to live longer. Owning a pet can be both mentally and physically beneficial for people of any age, but especially older people. Just spending a brief time with an animal sets of a chemical reaction in the brain. This reduces cortisol, known as the fight-or-flight hormone. It also increases serotonin, our…

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