What is downsizing?

For many seniors, once the children have grown and moved out, the family home can start to feel too big and difficult to maintain. This could mean it’s time to consider downsizing and moving into a smaller space.

Downsizing a home is a term used to describe the process of reducing the number and variety of items a senior has before moving into a smaller space. This smaller space might be simply a smaller home or condominium in the same town. Downsizing may also occur prior to moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home or moving across the country to be closer to loved ones.

How many moves?

One of the many things to consider when beginning the process of downsizing and moving is whether this will be a senior’s last move or if future changes in residence may occur. Each subsequent move can be challenging, so think ahead about what’s really necessary to keep. The potential for additional moves may mean wanting to part with more stuff.

“Are they looking for their care needs today and tomorrow?” says Mary Sue Patchett, executive vice president of community operations at Brookdale Senior Living, a senior living company with communities across the country. “If they don’t want to move again, and they only want to downsize once,” that might change the…

This article was sourced from US News.

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