I’m a pretty organized person, but cancer treatment really took me off my game. I struggled to remember the dozens of appointment dates, countless questions for my doctors, and which of my 17 prescription meds I was supposed to take when I was staring at the ceiling at 3 a.m. convinced I was going to die. (Three cheers for Ativan!)

Coordinating all this info was tricky. 

My best friend came to the rescue with the best gift ever–a hand-made cancer binder set up with places for me to put all the information I was receiving. Over the course of many months of treatment, I refined it to include everything I needed. Today I’m sharing the tools you’ll need to make a cancer binder just like mine for yourself or someone you love. 

(If you want to download my You Can Cancer Planner printable pages to fill the binder, click here.)



1.5” binder should be sufficient to start. Any larger, and you’ll dread taking it with you to appointments. 

If the binder starts to get full, bulky information can be summarized in a log sheet and then stored in a filing cabinet or scanned and stored digitally. I kept folders on my computer with the same names as my binder divider…

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