There’s this nasty little rumor going about that caffeine is bad for you. If you’re a person with some years under your belt this may be particularly disconcerting. Bad for you? How bad? Actually, not so bad at all. In fact, coffee can be very good for senior citizens when dosed appropriately. Today we look at the health benefits of caffeine and then evaluate the easiest way you can get yourself a nice refreshing cup of java each morning.

Health Benefits of Caffeine for Seniors

There are actually a couple of major health benefits that come with drinking coffee. Coffee drinkers are roughly 25% less likely to experience colon, liver, or breast cancer.  Coffee is a complex mixture of many biologically active components, some of which may have anti-tumor effects. They include caffeine, cafestol, kahweol, and chlorogenic acid.  Tallied up, the benefits far outweigh the consequences. Be mindful and deliberate in your caffeine intake and you will enjoy a number of health benefits.

A Word of Warning

There are definitely some negative health consequences associated with coffee. The good news is that seniors who have been drinking java regularly are largely immune to them. For example, if you’ve been drinking black or lightly sweetened coffee for many years, you’re likely to be immune to the rise in blood pressure often associated with the beverage.

However, there are other consequences often associated with certain coffee drinks that you should look out for. For example, cappuccinos are…

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