IN AN AGE OF “OK, boomer” and other generational rifts, high school students in Collier CountyFlorida, are working to bridge divides with their elders.

The purpose: to connect with and learn from senior citizens, says Olivia Cederquist, the group’s 17-year-old founder.

“Naples, Florida, is an area that’s very popular for seniors, and there’s such a disconnect between the generations,” Cederquist says. “We see stigmas between each, and I wanted to do something to fix that, to make generations live together and learn of their shared common interests.

Since its start, Visiting Teens has grown to include about 70 students from Barron Collier and has expanded to nearby Gulf Coast High School, where it has more than 100 members…

This article was sourced from U.S. News.

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